Iblard appears in the Ghibli Museum!

Mr. Miyazaki Hayao asked Mr. Inoue to paint a picture from iblard on a wall in the Ghibli Museum!
Mr.Inoue visited there on 11.Dec.2001.

Here`s a short report from a visit to the museum in December (Dec. 11. 2001) when Mr. Inoue began.

image Entrance to the museum
image Mr. Inoue with Mr.Miyazaki, after having prepared a platform to stand upon while painting .
image The wall he painted on is located in the main hall of the museum
image Mr.Inoue and Mr.Miyazaki checking the platform.
image One of the stained-glass windows in the entrance hall
image A painting on the ceiling at the entrance to the museum
image A beautiful stained-glass window
image More of the ceiling painting
image A veiw of the entrance from a terrace
image A strange chair
image Upon the roof of the museum.
image A side view of the museum
image Ceiling of the main hall
image Goods shop
image A figure of Baron
image Mr.Miyazaki`s signature
image A view from upstairs
image Art gallery
image Cell and background art
image The coffee shop
image One of the tea cups
image The restrooms.
image A view from the male`s restroom
image Looking up at the entrance from downstairs
image From upstairs
image The main hall
image A secret passage for children
image Cinema Doseiza (Saturn)
image At the entrance to the cinema
image The title the current movie is "Catching a whale"
image The elevator
image A spiral staircase for children
image A view from the 3rd floor
image Mr.Inoue measures the size of his painting-to-be

report by Fukuoka

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