Gallery 1- Scenes from Whisper of the heart

Do you remember seeing some of these pictures?

..............These are some paintings upon which Miyazaki Hayao based a scene from his movie Mimiwo sumaseba or, Whisper of the heart. In the movie, these scenes were part of a sequence where the heroine (Shizuku) begins to form a tale from her imaginary world. Perhaps you would like to know where these wondrous scenes really come from.

1. Borrowed garden

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..............One of Mr. Inoue's most well-known paintings. Much of the Iblard Imagery used in Whisper of the Heart was based upon this view from a hill in Iblard.

2. Station front

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..............Another scene from Iblard used in the movie, where a mischievous cat appears on a flying beetle. The original picture can be seen in Gallery 2.

3. Shop of light

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..............The shop where Balon was created in Whisper of the Heart.

4. Upward draft

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..............Much of the imagery for Whisper of the Heart was based upon this picture which now hangs in the Ghibli Studio in Tokyo.
..............The picture is set in the Valley of Small Stars in Iblard. Some stars circle round a given coarse, some stay in a favourite spot, some appear only at special times of the year or when special elements in the environment come together. There are countless numbers and types of stars in Iblard. Stable stars are apparently the best grounds for creating a place to live in Iblard.

5. Cluster tower

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..............In the movie, Shizuku flies past a couple of these towers!
In Iblard, even a tower becomes a lively city or town. No one really worries about falling off these towers because Iblarders have a special way of controlling gravity so that if you did fall, the fall would be slow and safe.