Biographical Outline of Mr. Naohisa INOUE

Mr.Naohisa INOUE

1948 Born in Osaka, Japan

Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art. Became a free-lance artist in 1993 after his career as a graphic designer and a fine art teacher at a high school

The Journey through Iblard published by Kodansha, Co. Ltd. Awarded the Rookie of the Year in the Division of Illustrated Books (Republished by Cacoosha, Co. Ltd. in 1996)
1985 Comic book, The Tales of Iblard, published by Seishinsha, Co. Ltd.

Collection of paintings, The Natural History of Iblard, published by Kakusha. Commemorative exhibition of the publication held at Pinpoint Gallery in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo (Also held in 1995, 1997 and 2000)
Exhibition of the latest works at the art gallery of Hankyu Department Stores, Inc. (Given annually after 1996)

Took charge of art in the visionary scenes of "The Story Given Me by Baron" in the animated film, Whisper of the Heart (A production of Studio Ghibli/Screenplay, storyboard, production: Mr. Hayao MIYAZAKI, Direction: Mr. Yoshifumi KONDO)

CD-ROM collection of paintings, The Journey through Iblard, published by SynForest, Co. Ltd. Awarded Asahi Shimbun Prize in Japan Software Grand Prix 1997

The Natural History of Iblard, volume II, "Sky Garden,@Planet Sea" published by Cacoosha. INOUE Naohisa Exhibition, "Iblard - Where Laputas Emerge" at Yurakucho Hankyu

CD-ROM collection volume 2, The World of Iblard, published by SynForest. Exhibition.The World of Iblard - Naohisa INOUE, at Museum of Modern Art in Toyoshina, Nagano. Exhibition at Ikebukuro Tobu Department Store (Given annually hereafter)

The Natural History of Iblard, volume III, "Seashore of Zipangu" published by Cacoosha. Program for high-definition TV "The Journey through Iblard" sent out on satellite channel 9. Also released as video, The Journey through Iblard, by Vap, Co. Ltd. Exhibition at Sapporo Mitsukoshi, Co. Ltd. (Given annually hereafter)
2000 Material-gathering trip to Colorado and Utah in the United States

Professor at Seian University of Art and Design
Atelier/Home...... 10-19 Osumi-cho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka 567-0813, Japan
Phone/Fax............ +81-726 25 4147